Roof Coatings

You want to fix your roof the right way... but not at the higher cost of replacing it.

Then a fluid-applied roof coating may be your solution!

Fluid-applied roof coatings are designed to offer greater options and more affordable solutions toward restoring your roof. Coatings can add years to the useful life of your existing roof. They can also save thousands of dollars in premature replacements and prevent expensive structural damage. Also, full-system roof warranties are available & can compete with those offered in new roof replacements. Roof coating systems are sustainable applications and have renewable warranty options. Some other benefits to consider:

  • Energy savings – coating are highly reflective & help reduce energy cost. Our products are Energy Star rated and utility rebates may be available in some areas.
  • Tax benefits - Roof coatings are considered maintenance expenses and can be written off 100% in the same year applied. Whereas, conventional re-roofs are depreciated & spread-out over an extended period.
  • A roof coating restoration is less disruptive to the facility & workforce.
  • Compatible on all roof systems (Asphalt, Single-ply, Foam, Metal Roofs, and Concrete)
  • Environmentally friendly

Fluid-applied roof coatings offer an outstanding alternative when a full roof replacement is not required.

You learn something every day if you pay attention.

Ray LeBlond

We paid attention!

In no time we learned that a properly applied roof coating system required expertise. So, in a joint effort to provide our customers with the highest level of knowledge & skilled-labor available, Peachtree formed an alliance with a nationally recognized applicator - Egreen Roof Coatings.

Together we have partnered to operate a Georgia based subsidiary that can still reach our national customer. Egreen of Atlanta, LLC combines Peachtree’s commercial & residential roofing experience with a specialized coating company who also has over 20 years of experience and has successfully applied millions of square feet.

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