Commercial Roofing

Modified Bitumen

Designed for flat or low-sloped applications, the modified bitumen roofing system has a long, proven track record. It is asphalt-based and has multiple layers of composite materials to increase flexibility and durability. Modified Bitumen roof systems typically consist of one, two, or three ply systems. The type of substrate will often determine the type of system being installed. Modified membranes can also be installed in conjunction with built-up roof (BUR) materials (such as multiple plies of fiberglass felt) to form a "hybrid" roof system. It comes in factory-manufactured rolls and surfacing for these rolled materials consist of a smooth surface, or mineral granules, aluminum, copper, or an aggregate such as gravel or slag that is set it hot asphalt. It may be installed by the torch-application method, or “hot-mopped” like Built-up roofing (BUR), or applied with “cold-process” adhesives. The latest innovation with Modified Bitumen is the self-adhering sheet. This method eliminates the risks associated with the use of torches, hot asphalt, and is completely free of VOC (volatile organic chemicals) fumes during and after application. Modified Bitumen is a viable option when considering a low-sloped roof replacement.